A few spots remain! Get Your Ethics CLE: From “Loving” to “Get Out”: Legal and Implicit/Explicit Bias about Interracial Relationships, Aug. 10, 2.0 Ethics, 2 pm

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Get your ethics credit in the CLE — From “Loving” to “Get Out”: Legal and Implicit/Explicit Bias about Interracial RelationImage result for photo the lovingsships, Thursday, August 10, 2pm, $99, Nucleus Legal Education Offices, The Land Title Building, 100 S. Broad Street, Suite 1525, Philadelphia, PA.

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Fifty years ago, the US Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia outlawed the miscegenation laws that made it illegal for African American and white persons to marry. While the most harsh form of legal bias against interracial relationships is illegal, there is still implicit and explicit bias related to interracial relationships. This was depicted in the recent number one movie, “Get Out”, which is a social/psychological horror story of an African American man who visits the parents of his white girlfriend at their home. There has been much discussion in the media about the popularity of “Get Out” and what it says about interracial relationships today.

This CLE will discuss Loving v. Virginia in the context of the legal and social implications of interracial marriage in the 1960s and before and Loving’s precedential value in the more recent court decisions regarding gay marriage. The CLE will then discuss “Get Out” in the context of the current social and political environment, both conservative and liberal. The course will weave in a discussion of personal implicit and explicit bias and how it impacts attorney/client relations, from an attorney’s decision to take on, prosecute or defend a client who may be in an interracial relationship to the manner in which that attorney interacts with the client. The course will cover methods that attorneys can use to test, examine, and attempt to overcome their own implicit and explicit bias. Documentary clips of the Loving case will be shown.


2.0 ethics

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