It works for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: Creative Stress Management through Fiber Arts, Live CLE, 4/29, 12 pm, 1 Ethics Credit (PA)

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LIVE (Zoom), 1 Ethics Credit (PA). April 29, 12 – 1 pm. $99. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson endeared herself to the crochet community when she said at her confirmation hearing that she turned to the fiber arts, particularly crochet, for creativity and stress management, and that she had a “basement full of yarn.” The ABA, the American Counseling Association, and other groups, individuals, and studies have recognized the benefits of indulging in the fiber arts–crocheting, knitting, sewing, and needlework, among them. The benefits include help in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression; building self-esteem, and building community. Attorneys who are looking for new ways to manage their stress can look no further. Join presenter Sheilah Vance, Esq., who learned how to crochet and sew in junior high school and has continued ever since, as she talks about how you, too, can use the fiber arts for creative stress management and provides some resources to assist you. To and for more information, click on the Distance Education Courses page or here

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