Live CLE April 20! Examining the US Department of Education’s Discussion of Race in the New Title IX Regulations

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title_ix_web (1)Wed., April 20, 2022, 12 pm – 1 pm.  1 Live (Zoom Groupcast) Ethics Credit (PA). $99.  The Title IX regulations that the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued on May 6, 2020 with an August 2020 effective date contain hundreds of references to race and racial bias and require institutions to train most of the parties involved in their Title IX processes on how to eliminate racial bias in their Title IX program. The Preamble, which many people have not read in full or in detail, in the new regulations explains why OCR established the requirement on training to eliminate racial bias by showing how commenters raised concerns about race and racial bias in response to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, OCR’s discussion about those comments, and the changes that OCR made to the proposed regulations based on those comments. As ED issues proposed Title IX comments this spring, this CLE will help attendees think about how they may want to comment on race regarding the new proposed regulations.  This webinar is designed to help those parties who must be trained on racial bias and how to eliminate it–Title IX coordinators, investigators, hearing officers, adjudicators, appeals officers, and those who facilitate informal resolution processes–understand their responsibilties and OCR’s basis for those responsibilities. Presenter:   Sheilah Vance, Esq.   Register on our Distance Education page.

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